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Beyond the confining Print, towards Digital mediums.

Riwaya Institute stands as a pioneering force, dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of digital narratives for social change and human rights advocacy. Unlike traditional storytelling confined to physical media, our approach spans a spectrum of digital narratives, embracing forms such as web-based stories, interactive narratives, and hypertext stories, creating an immersive and participatory storytelling experience. We envision a future where digital narratives become potent tools for challenging societal norms, advocating for human rights, and fostering a global dialogue for positive change.

Mixing it up in 2024

Changing with the times

Greetings from the Riwaya Institute, the intersection of digital narratives and social activism. Here, we break the mold of traditional storytelling, immersing ourselves in the dynamic world of digital tales. These aren't your average static texts; they're alive, pulsating with text, images, video, audio, and interactive elements. As trailblazers of this narrative revolution in Morocco, we don't just teach technical skills. We instill a deep understanding of the ethical dimensions of digital storytelling. Our compass is set towards societal transformation, and our vision is clear. We see a future where digital narratives aren't just stories; they're powerful tools for challenging norms, advocating for human rights, and sparking global dialogue. So, step into the Riwaya Institute, where we hold a firm belief: every digital story has the potential to reshape realities.

At the Riwaya Institute, we believe in the power of stories to reshape realities and drive positive change. Through innovative digital platforms and cutting-edge techniques, we are revolutionizing the way stories are told and consumed. It is elevating voices, championing diversity, and fostering empathy through storytelling. Whether you are a storyteller yourself, an avid reader, a creative person, or simply passionate about social activism, Riwaya Institute is for you.

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"Creative writing became limited to rigid rules and textuality. We want to delimit the author's possibilities and foster creativity for positive socio-political change through inclusion and diversity. Moroccan youth have unique and inspiring perspectives; we will deliver their narrative (Riwaya) to impact their community."

Rachid Benharrousse, Executive Director